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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  January 18, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EST

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deal with at the moment but if we can delegate the matter appropriately, then, it could be a couple of weeks. >> so far, no names have been made public. police in philadelphia credit dna with helping them crack a major case. plus, some video out of australia is making headlines around the world. we'll take a look at all of that straight ahead on fox 5 morning news. we continue to follow today's big story. that is the slick and icy conditions on the roads. we have everything you need to know before you head out the door. we'll be right back. 
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we are back now with a look outside for you. this is the reason we're on early today for this special coverage of this icy weather. you will want to be very careful, give yourself plenty of time as you head out. we have a lot of school closings and delays that we will be telling you about
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throughout the morning. they will be running across the top of your screen. can you check them out on we just got word that manassas city schools are going to be closed today so you can add those to the list. if you have a smart phone, download the fox 5 d.c. app. you will have access to news, weather and traffic on the go 24/7. other stories making headlines, police in philadelphia say dna links a homeless man to the death of three women. 21-year-old antonio rodriguez was arrested last night after police received an anonymous tip on his whereabouts. he was picked up in the kensington neighborhood. police believe he strangled the women last year. he has not been charged right now. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is coming to the defense of his school chancellor. he says the chance lakeshore was making a joke when she said
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birth control who solve the problem of school overcrowding. he says black has apologized and won't make the same mistake again. and now to a story that is making headlines worldwide. it may be a first in grand slam tennis tournament play. check this out. >> the racket is gone. >> she broke to. >> i've never seen that. >> she gave new meaning to flying off the handle. her racket head literally flew off. the 21-year-old from poland looked a little perplexed. she did go on to win that match. stay with us this morning. there is plenty still ahead on this icy tuesday in the
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nation's capital. fox 5 morning news continues right now. a chilly, icy morning. it is tuesday morning, january 18, 2011 as we take a look out to see what is happening in the district, maryland and virginia. pretty much the same scene everywhere. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. you can see the school delays and closings we know about this morning. can you see those along the top of your screen. prince william county schools closed with code red status. man aas city schools closed with code gray status. alexandria city schools on a two-hour delay. there are several private schools in our system that are delayed. they will be scrolling on the top of your screen and online at tucker barnes is in with our forecast. you told us about it and i'm telling you, it is just a solid sheet of ice out there. >> little ugly particularly off
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to the north and west where we're getting reports of ice accumulation on top of a couple of inches of snow. no doubt about it this, will be a mess t will take several more hours before most of the region has temperatures above 32. the cold air this time of year, very slow to budge and the warm air just kind of rides over the top of it. right here at the surface, these temperatures that are at or below 32 will take several more hours here. my advice, just wait it out. we are still getting some more surable freezing rain here. off to the south and west, we have some mist. that is even worse than a heavy rain event because it adheres to the surfaces. that is why we're starting to see the icicles form on the signs and that kind of thing. out to the west, you can see
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quite a weather band in west virginia. things will quiet down later this morning. i think by 8:00, 9:00, it will mostly just be cloudy around here. as that next event gets in here tonight, temperatures should warm up that that will just be a rain event. temperatures critical obviously because most of the region below 32. when i arrived, washington national was 3 #. it is now 33. that is a good sign. fredericksburg is 33. patuxent naval air station, 34. you can see the warmer air trying to get in here. it will be a slow go of it as dulles is 28. baltimore is 32. frederick is 25. it will take several more hours. you get the idea before we can really warm up the atmosphere here to the north and west. there are your advisories. that is a winter storm warning in red. montgomery county, howard county, carroll county. you are under a winter storm warning now until noon. two to four inches of snow. on top of that, up to a quarter
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inch. ice. that will make for a very slow commute if you are coming in from the north. highs in the upper 30s so we'll start to melt it off. mother nature will do the work that will take you hours this morning with a shovel and ice pick. >> i know a lot of schools were waiting to see what the forecast would be. loudoun county schools are closed today. let's get outside and find out what is happening out there with this slick super tuesday morning. we'll start in maryland. >> john henrehan is live in potomac with a look at conditions out there. >> reporter: good morning. what i want to show you is the parking lot. we are at the harris teeter shopping center near montrose road in montgomery what you see, this look lake a snow blanket. the fellow plowing this lot has done a great job. the lot itself is fine. this looks like snow but it isn't snow. this is ice. this was the granulated ice
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that coated this parking lot. pat, if you can show the grass on the other side, you see where the rain and moisture flowed down and that grass is all frozen, that is what the sidewalks are like. and i got to say, when we came off montrose road, a pretty big busy exit, we also found that one of the lanes, the lane that you make the right to get off -- like two of the lanes were fine. they were just wet but the third lane closest to the curb was nothing but that ice. not much traffic had gone on it. so the funny thing is we are at i-270 here in the vicinity of montrose road and traffic is doing about 50, maybe a little too fast because there is almost no one on the roads. the road is fine. the lanes are merely wet at this point because they have been plowed and they have been sanded. but every now and then, you come across a lane that is still this sort of glare ice. on the main highways, it is
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okay. side streets and secondary streets, it is still kind of all over. so it is a bit of a dice roll this morning. you can't see the ice either in the darkness so heads up. we skidded a little bit on the way here but we made it. luckily, not many cars on the road. that is the way it is right now here in montgomery county. >> thank you for that look there. >> let's check in on the roads now with julie wright and see how things are early this morning. >> i think it is safe to say, until you are alex ovechkin, slow it down out there because there is a lot of ice on the roads. in a lot of areas where you are typically used to finding two, three, four lanes of travel, you may be narrowed down to just one or you may lose extra lanes along the curb lane because of all that crushed ice. it is not slush. it is not when you hit it, it will spread out t will feel chunky underneath your tires. this is coming out of
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germantown, leaving damascus. this is well north of where henrehan is down at montrose road and rockville. this is a fairly occupied road. a lot of people use this out of germantown to pick up 270 and head southbound. it is difficult to see the tracks. the road has been treated but there is a lot of crushed ice that you have to travel on. very difficult to make the left and right turns as henrehan was just pointing out to us. a lot of times, you will find the road has been treated but not enough action out there to mix with the chemicals to give you traction. this is the live shot of the beltway looking through the icicles here at connecticut avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. one more school closing for you. montgomery county schools will be closed today. so again, no school for you in montgomery county. if you are taking public transportation to get around,
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be extra careful. right now, metro has all lines running normally but watch out for the icy or wet platforms and certainly be careful as you get on and off the metrobus. more brutal winter weather across the northeast. we are not the only ones seeing snow, sleet and freezing rain today. up to three inches of snow expected in new york, new jersey and connecticut. boston could get another 2 to 4 inches. overnight, some east coast airports were showing holiday rat delays. right now, they all have the green light. we'll update you if anything changes as the flight schedule gets heavier throughout the morning. can you access this map yourself if you would like. go to and look under the traffic tab. a tough day for firefighters in d.c. battling raging flames along with the freezing temperatures. find out where this fire broke out coming up next here on fox 5. we'll get an update on congresswoman gabrielle giffords. why doctors are calling to a
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checking our top stories, before we get to it, we want to let you know that the federal government which affects so many of you is delayed two hours this morning. >> a late arrival for federal employees of two hours and you can take liberal leave. the metro region is pretty mess rye right now as far as the commute goes with that wintry mix coming in overnight. the snow, the sleet and the freezing rain that you may have heard if you went to sleep last night. crews were out in full force playing down salt and other solutions to try to prepare for the winter weather. for the latest school closings, keep an eye at the top of your screen and log onto for a busy monday for d.c. firefighters. they battled four major fires including this one at a row home in northwest. they took 100 crew members to get this one under control. two firefighters suffered minor
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injuries. a neighbor was treated for breathing trouble. no word on what started this fire. congress back to work on capitol hill this morning. in the house, republicans are planning to hold a vote on the health care law. now to the latest on the tragedy in tucson. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is making what doctors call amazing strides. >> they upgraded her from serious to critical condition. giffords is now breathing on her own. >> reporter: it's best case scenario for congresswoman gabrielle giffords given her injuries. her husband, mark kelly, says his wife is not only breathing on her own now. on monday, she smiled at him. over the weekend, doctors at university medical center in tucson performed an operation to repair her fractured eye socket. >> the procedure itself did require a crane yot my, that is opening a window in the skull. it did require that we remove
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some of the rim of that eye socket so we could work back in the space and take the pressure off. >> reporter: doctors initially put off a full repair of that eye socket fracture because they didn't want to risk worsening her brain swelling. >> she was waking up and through the weekend she came back to the same baseline she had been before the surgery. >> reporter: a shooting survivor found himself in trouble. james eric fuller was arrested at a town hall meeting after allegedly shouting you're dead at the local tea party leader. fuller was later taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. >> that was laura evans reporting. three patient are still hospitalized. doctors say they are all improving. there is some concern over
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the health of apple ceo steve jobs. straight ahead, it is causing some concern on wall street as well. we'll take a look at that coming up after the break. this could be a tough commute for you this morning. tucker has latest forecast for you as some of that freezing rain continues to fall. we'll check in with maryland state highway for the update on the roads. we just got word that fairfax county schools are closed today as a result of this winter weather that moved in overnight. we'll be right back.  [ alarm clock buzzing, indistinct conversations ]
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well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to to start your two week tune up. early on this tuesday morn, we are hearing more and more from schools that are either delayed or closed today because of the icy conditions. >> you can see the complete list of schools along the top of your screen and on we do want to let you know about a few of the big ones in virginia, fairfax county, loudoun county are closed. >> in maryland, montgomery county schools are closed. that is one of the ones we have with the big name schools. keep an eye on the top of the screen for all of the updates and check out >> some of the places that are delayed may be thinking they can get some of the ice melt away by maybe mid-morning.
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>> south of the city here, our temperatures are now above 32, south and east of the city. they have the best chance of melting off the snow and sleet and the freezing rain. north and west, it is a different story. it will take to mid- to late morning before we can bump these temperatures up to even close to freezing. before a good layer of ice and several inches of snow in some spots to the north. it will be a longer clean-up here as it were to the north. mother nature will have to do most of the work as the ice is pretty thick in spots and not much can you do with it. you can throw a lot of salt at it. not like you can shovel it. the freezing rain is lifting to the north and to the east. but what we've got here off to the south and west is still some very light drizzle and with temperatures at the surface here generally below freezing, it is still getting a chance to freeze out there on the surfaces. just because something was
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clean and hour or two ago, doesn't mean it won't refreeze here for the next couple of hours until we can get the temperatures up. the good news is most of the energy, most of the activity here, the snow, sleet and freezing rain has lifted off to the north and east and we are just look at spotty drizzle and some very light rain falling out there at this hour. let's move on. we want to show you the temperatures. these will be critical the next couple of hours. patuxent naval air station, now 4. that is good news. fredericksburg, 33. reagan national in the past 15 minutes or so has pushed their temperature up to 33. here off to the north and west, roughly north and west of 95, dulles is still 28. frederick, 25. winchester, 27. hagerstown, 22. forget about it. it will take several more hours before we get these temperatures above # 2. anything that continues to fall north and west will freeze on the surfaces over the next several hours. -- it will take several more
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hours before we get these temperatures above 32. it will be a very slow go of it here off to the north and west. the rest of the us, things should gradually improve. here is your satellite-radar and again, most of the energy now to the north and to the east. this next batch of precip should come in as rain. that will get in here overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. our temperatures should warm up into the mid- to upper 30s today and we're just not going to cool down a whole lot tonight. when this arrives, it should just get here at rain later tonight and tomorrow morning in the form of scattered showers. cloudy skies, early freezing rain transitioning to rain. 38degrees and again, most of the rain is out of here. it will be very light over the next couple of hours. doesn't mean it won't freeze out there on your surfaces. cloudy skies and overnight showers return.
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here is your five-day forecast. again, a little better tomorrow. early rain showers, 44. 38 on thursday. we could do it all over again thursday night and friday. high temperatures on friday only 34 degrees. this one looks like a colder storm so we may get more accumulating snow on friday. back to you. >> thank you. late check road conditions some maryland right now. kelly bowlworth on the phone with the maryland state highway administration. a lot of motorists wondering what is happening out there as we take a look at folk on connecticut avenue right now. >> state highway crews were out late last night and throughout this morning primarily working on plowing. we did get a little bit of pretreating. we did a little bit of plowing. primarily have been salting mostly through the late night hours and into rush hour this morning. >> is that pretty much all can you do when it comes to the
4:51 am
ice, kelly? we've been talking about it. you can get the plows out to deal with the snow but what do you do for the ice? >> that is the one thing about salt. salt work great for slush and slick spots. that is what we're concerned about. some of the schools being closed or delayed will give crews added time to get out there. but what we're hearing from some of our guys that a lot of motorists are passing them, driving over 50 miles per hour. while it may appear wet, there is the potential for slush at some of the interchange ramps and some intersections. we need folks to take it easy for they have to head out this morning. crews will be out making sure we are pushing back shoulders as much as we can and getting as much additional salt down as possible. >> tucker has been talking about the big temperature changes. when you get up to the northern parts of montgomery county up towards frederick, it might be in the mid 0s. when you deal with the ice out there on the roads, there is a magic temperature that the salt seems to work better than others? >> we are watching that freezing mark as well. salt pretteffective down to below freezing so we'll
4:52 am
be putting that down along with other abrasives as we need to. but certainly some of of the rain is going to be coming down throughout the course of the morning washing a little bit of that away. we will be out applying that as much as we can. interstates are primarily in good shape. >> we sure appreciate all the work that your crews do. thank you. manassas park city schools are closed. prince george's county schools, at this point on a two-hour delay. >> tucker won the bet. i told him schools would be delayed by two hours. he said i guarantee you they will be closed. >> you have one of each right there. >> hopefully the roads are going to improve but early, they will be a big problem, julie. >> we have major tie-ups to report. if you are traveling outer loop of the beltway headed down
4:53 am
towards branch avenue, that is where we have the accident activity. the two left lane are closed off here. outer loop. beltway at route 5. two left lanes blocked off at the scene of this crash. we have the accident activity which occurred out to the west along 66. if you are traveling inbound approaching 15, callers report the accident activity off the road involving a car that has spun out now facing the wrong direction. we have accident activity reported in you are traveling the beltway near 270. this is a live shot of traffic coming in off of glebe road and the chain bridge. this sheen if you will that we're looking at, that is actually a portion of the area that is still ice covered. it is a thin coating of ice but enough to cause some robs out there on the highway. so allow extra time before you leave home this morning. make sure you clean off the car. we cannot emphasize that enough. i saw a fellow traveling the beltway for at least a good two miles this morning that only had about this much vision out of the back of his car. you wonder, what is he thinking? the accident activity occurred here on 27.
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highway still blocked off in each direction. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. there is concern over the health of the head of apple, steve jobs that. could send investors into a tailspin this morning. we have a report. >> reporter: a major announcement from apple's c he want o steve jobs. he is taking a leave of absence to, quote, focus on his health. it is the second time in as many years. jobs is 55 years old. he has survived pancreatic cancer and had a liver transplant in the last 10 years. >> he exercises. he lives well. he probably -- he is very careful of what he eats. he doesn't smoke. all of these things contribute to a better outcome when you you are looking at something like pancreatic cancer. >> reporter: jobs said in an e- mail to his company that he would remain the chief executive officer during his medical leave. apple's board members approved jobs' request and now the speculation has taken over. >> we know from the liver transplant perspective that if you look three years out, he
4:55 am
had it in 2009, about 30% of people do have problems with that donated liver. 70% do not but 30% do. we don't mow what's feeling with. >> reporter: apple chief operating officer tim cook will be responsible for the company's day to day operations. the company announced jobs' leave a day before the company is set to report quarterly earnings. >> in terms of replacing the icon that is apple computers, steve jobs, tim cook has never raised him to that particular level and there is a real question of whether anybody on the planet could. that is why so many investors are so very nervous about the succession plan. they want to know whether to stay in or get out. steve jobs is incremental, is critical to apple's appearance of health and vitality. his departure would do hoare i had -- would do horrid things
4:56 am
to the stock. >> apple slumped 6% to 8% on friday. in new york, heather childers, fox news. >> am made at announcement yesterday when the u.s. markets were closed for the holiday. this were monthing will be the first time that investors -- this morning will be the first time that investors will have a hans to react to the news. we'll have today's facebook fan of the day coming up. >> stay with us. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals.
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the unmistakable sound of patti labelle last night for the celebration of the late
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civil rights leader, dr. martin luther king, jr. the first family honored the legacy of dr. king by giving back. the obama family took part in a painting project at a middle school in northeast d.c. the president urged america to get involved in their communities especially after the shooting rampage in tucson. yesterday was also first lady michelle obama's birthday. she turned 47. to mark that, volunteers sang the tvy wonder version of -- the stevie wonder version of happy birthday. a lot of people with birthdays today that put their birthday wishes on our facebook pages. plenty still ahead as we


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